6-7pm Salsa On2 style for beginners.
7-8pm Salsa On2 bodymovement for Intermediate.
8-9pm Social Dance practice.
6-7pm Afrocuban body movement and isolations.
7-8pm Lady Styling Salsa On2
8-9pm Bachata open level

Eloy Jesus Rojas

Professional dancer, choreographer and teacher from Venezuela where the culture, flavour and latin life style are part of your daily life; he started his professional training around 2008 with Son Klandestinos dance School in Caracas.

In 2009-2012 he was officially certified by „Alto Voltage Perdomo Salsa D ́Cuba“as A Professional Dancer, Choreographer and dance teacher in Caracas-Venezuela.

Formed in ballroom, ballet, contemporary, latin, afro-latin and Caribbean rhythms in different schools and countries.

He moved in 2014 to Mexico City where he continued his training and at the same time he founded his own dance school with his partner, called Be Dancer. During this time he went to different international congress and workshops in order to improve his formation with recognized teachers as Eddie Torres and many more…

In 2016 he moved to Berlin for working developing his own style and sharing the experience of dance. In 2019 he has worked with Bersy Cortez in the recent Africanmambo project.

Currently he is managing his own Dance School in Berlin-Germany EJR studio www.ejrstudio.com which he offers dance formation for all the levels, his own dance Company (Ibere DC) and traveling around the world bringing performances and workshops full of flavor, life and energy to the most important Latin American rhythms events.

Recently he has won:
1st PLACE in Amsterdam Salsa Festival Contest.
2nd PLACE in Solo category in EL Sol Salsa Festival in Warsaw-Poland.